Value of Auto Extended Warranties: Save Money On Repairs And Other Benefits

mnExperiencing trouble on your cars while on the road is a big hassle. This may cause you time and money especially if it involves a major car part that involves hours of car repair. Much worst if your vehicle’s manufacturers warranty has expired and you do not have any coverage or protection from such unexpected car repair cost.

The value of auto extended warranties to consumers may not be noticed right away but as soon as a consumer’s vehicle bugs down, they immediately realize how an auto extended warranty is so convenient and how it turns a nightmarish scenario into a hassle-free situation.

How much money do policy owners save?

In terms of numbers, there’s no exact amount of savings a consumer could have. The savings may vary depending on the type of vehicle you own. Vehicles nowadays are a lot more complex than those from 10 years ago, and most of the manufacturers aim to produce more reliable cars with better technology to keep it in great condition. This does not mean, however, that technology-loaded cars do not break down. It actually means car nowadays are more expensive to repair and auto extended warranties come handy in such situations.

A dependable extended warranty provides customers convenience especially in times of breakdowns. You can get some perks such as discounted or free towing services, a car rental vehicle to get you back on the road, and even some money for a hotel stay. These extra benefits provided by auto extended warranty deals make them convince car owners that they’re a good investment.

Extended warranties exclusions

All service warranties have exclusions, both for new car warranties and car extended agreements. The extended warranty may not cover for items such as tires, windshield wiper, and brake pads as these are subjected to the usual wear and tear and should be regularly replaced by the owner. Most providers also exclude oil, coolant, and other car fluids although some include items in the coverage. Other commonly excluded parts are the headlights, blinkers, stereo, seat upholstery, and the dashboard.

Some see auto extended warranties negatively, not because there’s no value in extended warranties but the bad reputation certain brokers and scammers give to service contracts.

Some tend to overprice plans and exploit their customer’s personal information by selling data to telemarketing companies. These scammers misinform their customers by making them believe that their policy is already expired and there is no other way of availing the policy but by purchasing a new agreement.

To top it all, consumers must be very careful and spot bogus brokers. One must educate oneself about the product that they look to purchase and not sign up right away with the first dealer who offers them auto extended warranty deals. Make sure that you have inquired thoroughly and compare the pros and cons of each offer and go for the auto extended warranty that suits your needs and meet all your expectations.

Some realize the true value of auto extended warranties when they get into that nightmarish situation as their car bugs down while on the road. Let the experts at tell you how you can avoid such scenarios.